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Join Our Affiliate Program


We have set up our pay-per-sale affiliate network with You simply promote our program through banners, buttons or text links, and the Affiliate Management system keeps track of the users you send to our site who download the software. Then, when they buy the program, you get paid, even if they buy the program weeks later.

How to join?

1. To get started, simply click here to sign up. It costs you nothing! Signing up is easy and free. RegNow will send you a check every month. After that, you'll receive instructions on how to access your own real-time reporting pages so that you can see your account balance anytime. From these pages, you will be able to add and remove products you wish to sell. You can sit back, watch the sales come in, and receive your commission checks.


2. If you already have an affiliate account at RegNow, You can click here to Login in your affiliate account and find our programs in "Product Finder". In "Name Search" field type RegNow ID of our software (See table below), our product will be shown on a table, then click on "View!" (below the word "Actions"), Later click at "Sales Links tab to get sales links. (The sales link should be******, where ****** is your RegNow affiliate ID.)


3. Create your own website with product information and sales links so that customers can buy software through your affiliate account.


How much you will earn?

The commission will be 50% of product price, and, if affiliate can sell more than 100 units per month, the commission will increase to 55%, and the commission for more than 200 units per month, it will be 60%.


How to create custom build?

All our products have custom build. And all new affiliates are automatically approved. All these products have trial versions that allow users to download and try. You will be provided with special ordering URLs that are unique to your Web site. You will receive high commission for every copy sold from your URL. We provide the method below for custom version building.


There are two ways to get the custom versions


1. Download products at our site first, and then rename them. For example, if your affiliate ID is 1234, and you want to build custom version of Dicsoft Video Converter Platinum. First, please download Dicsoft Video Converter Platinum, and then rename video-convert-platinum.exe as video-convert-platinum1234.exe. Then your custom version is generated.


2.Input your RegNow affiliate ID in the below form, select the product, then click " Download My Custom Build " button to get your unique RegNow custom build.

Enter Your Regnow Affiliate ID:

Select a product you want to get:  

Dicsoft DVD Ripper Platinum
Dicsoft DVD to iPod Converter
Dicsoft DVD to iPhone Converter
Dicsoft DVD to Zune Converter
Dicsoft DVD to PSP Converter
Dicsoft DVD to Apple TV Converter
Dicsoft DVD to MP4 Converter
Dicsoft DVD to Pocket PC Converter
Dicsoft DVD to Blackberry Converter
Dicsoft DVD to Mobile Converter
Dicsoft DVD to 3GP Converter
Dicsoft DVD Audio Ripper
Dicsoft DVD to WMV Converter
Dicsoft DVD to AVI Converter
Dicsoft DVD to RMVB Converter
Dicsoft DVD to PMP Converter
Dicsoft DVD to XBox Converter
Dicsoft DVD to Wii Converter
Dicsoft DVD to GPhone Converter
Dicsoft DVD to MOV Converter
Dicsoft DVD to MKV Converter
Dicsoft DVD to Flash Converter

Dicsoft Video Converter Platinum
Dicsoft iPod Video Converter
Dicsoft iPhone Video Converter
Dicsoft Zune Video Converter
Dicsoft PSP Video Converter
Dicsoft Apple TV Video Converter
Dicsoft MP4 Video Converter
Dicsoft Flash Video Converter
Dicsoft Blackberry Video Converter
Dicsoft HD Video Converter
Dicsoft 3GP Video Converter
Dicsoft Video to Audio Converter
Dicsoft WMV Converter
Dicsoft AVI MPEG Converter
Dicsoft RMVB Converter
Dicsoft MOV Converter
Dicsoft Xbox Video Converter
Dicsoft MKV Video Converter
Dicsoft GPhone Video Converter
Dicsoft Pocket PC Video Converter
Dicsoft PMP Video Converter
Dicsoft Wii Video Converter
Dicsoft Mobile Video Converter



Pad File Download


DVD Ripping Tools Price(us$) Commission
RegNow ID PAD Links
DVD Ripper Platinum $39 50% 20085-25 Download
DVD to iPod Converter $29.95 50% 20085-33 Download
DVD to iPhone Converter $29 50% 20085-32 Download
DVD to PSP Converter $29.95 50% 20085-40 Download
DVD to Zune Converter $29.95 50% 20085-45 Download
DVD to Apple TV Converter $29.95 50% 20085-27 Download
DVD to MP4 Converter $34.95 50% 20085-37 Download
DVD to 3GP Converter $24.95 50% 20085-26 Download
DVD to BlackBerry Converter $29 50% 20085-29 Download
DVD to Mobile Converter $29.95 50% 20085-35 Download
DVD to PMP Converter $29.95 50% 20085-38 Download
DVD to MOV Converter $29.95 50% 20085-36 Download
DVD to AVI Converter $29.95 50% 20085-28 Download
DVD to WMV Converter $29.95 50% 20085-43 Download
DVD to RMVB Converter $24.95 50% 20085-41 Download
DVD to Wii Converter $24.95 50% 20085-42 Download
DVD to Gphone Converter $19.95 50% 20085-31 Download
DVD to Pocket PC Converter $29.95 50% 20085-39 Download
DVD to XBox Converter $29.95 50% 20085-44 Download
DVD to MKV Converter $19.95 50% 20085-34 Download
DVD to Flash Converter $29.95 50% 20085-30 Download
DVD Audio Ripper $29.95 50% 20085-24 Download



Video Converter Price(us$) Commission
RegNow ID PAD Links
Video Converter Platinum $45 50% 20085-1 Download
HD Video Converter $39.95 50% 20085-5 Download
MP4 Video Converter $29.95 50% 20085-15 Download
Video to Audio Converter $25 50% 20085-19 Download
MOV Converter $29.95 50% 20085-14 Download
AVI MPEG Converter $25 50% 20085-8 Download
RMVB Converter $25 50% 20085-18 Download
WMV Converter $25 50% 20085-21 Download
XBox Video Converter $25 50% 20085-22 Download
MKV Video Converter $29.95 50% 20085-12 Download
Flash Video Converter $29.95 50% 20085-10 Download
Mobile Video Converter $29.95 50% 20085-13 Download
Apple TV Video Converter $24.95 50% 20085-7 Download
iPhone Video Converter $29.95 50% 20085-3 Download
iPod Video Converter $29.95 50% 20085-2 Download
Zune Video Converter $29.95 50% 20085-23 Download
Pocket PC Video Converter $29.95 50% 20085-17 Download
PSP Video Converter $29.95 50% 20085-4 Download
3GP Video Converter $19.95 50% 20085-6 Download
Wii Video Converter $24.95 50% 20085-20 Download
PMP Video Converter $29.95 50% 20085-16 Download
GPhone Video Converter $29.95 50% 20085-11 Download
Black Berry Video Converter $29.95 50% 20085-9 Download