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How to Convert TS to DivX using TS to DivX Converter?

Guide and Article about TS to DivX Conversion

This step-by-step guide provide instruction for converting TS to DivX file using Dicsoft Video Converter Platinum , It is as easy as 1-2-3.

A Quick and Easy Converter Tutorial (See Screenshots Below)

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  • Step1: Select output format
  • Step2: Load Videos and Audios
  • Step3: Start to convert

Free Download TS to DivX Converter

Dicsoft Video Converter Platinum is a powerful and professional TS to DivX Converter which can convert TS to DivX perfectly. With super fast speed and an easy-to-use interface, it makes TS to DivX conversion routine very simple. Enjoy your DivX video file made from an TS file on your PC with such as an affordable TS to DivX tool.

Dicsoft Video Converter Platinum makes your conversion task TS to DivX a breeze, and easily converts TS to other popular video formats like MOV, 3GP, DivX, etc.



What is TS?

Transport stream (TS, TP, MPEG-TS, or M2T) is a communications protocol for audio, video, and data. It is a type of digital container format that encapsulates packetized elementary streams and other data. TS is specified in MPEG-2 Part 1, Systems (ISO/IEC standard 13818-1).[1] It is also known as ITU-T Rec. H.222.0. Its design goal is to allow multiplexing of digital video and audio and to synchronize the output. Transport stream offers features for error correction for transportation over unreliable media, and is used in broadcast applications such as DVB and ATSC. It is contrasted with program stream, designed for more reliable media such as DVDs.

What is DivX?

DivX is a brand name of products created by DivX, Inc. (formerly DivXNetworks, Inc.), including the DivX Codec which has become popular due to its ability to compress lengthy video segments into small sizes while maintaining relatively high visual quality. The DivX codec uses lossy MPEG-4 compression, where quality is balanced against file size for utility. It is one of several codecs commonly associated with "ripping", whereby audio and video multimedia are transferred to a hard disk and transcoded.

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