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F.A.Q - Frequently Asked Questions

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General FAQ:

1: How to transfer files to my PSP?

There are currently two ways to get the files onto your PSP.

1. via miniB type USB connection 2.0
2. via Memory stick reader, then put the Mstick into your PSP.

* via mini B-type USB connection 2.0 *

Turn on your PSP, and go to Settings, then go up until you get to USB
connection. Select USB connection, then it'll prompt you to connect a USB
After that, connect the other end to your PC, if your PC is Windows 2000 or
higher, Windows should detect your PSP as an external drive. Unfortunately,
PSP isn't detected by Windows '98 or lower. Windows '98 prompts people to
install drivers for the PSP, but there is no software for the PSP to do this.
I doubt there is a way to do so, unless you know how to make your own drivers.

* via Memory stick reader *

This is simple, as the Memory stick reader treats the stick as an external
drive right away, and the copying doesn't vary on your UBS 1.0 or 2.0, but
on the speed of your PC. You just copy the files onto the movie folder.

The movie folder has to be created personally by you the user.
The folder isn't created by the PSP's format option.
The folder you create is outside the PSP's own folder.

When you open your Memory stick's folder, you should see one folder called
"PSP". Outisde of this folder, not within it, create a "MP_ROOT" folder
without the quotation marks. That way, when you open the Memory stick, there'll
be two main folders, "PSP" and "MP_ROOT" We're not done yet though, you need
to create another folder within the "MP_ROOT" folder. Inside the "MP_ROOT"
folder, create a "100MNV01"

The "100MNV01" folder is your destination folder for putting .mp4 files to
view at your leisure.

What is this compression?

Compression is a meaning of basically stuffing something big into something of a smaller size. File compression is when you make a big file into a smaller file. This is somewhat done in a way by making the screen resolution smaller to fit on the PSPs LCD TFT screen. Most of your files that are huge should become very small after the compression process. It all depends on if you want a high quality video, low quality video, and the length of the video.

Do I have enough memory on my PSP to store videos?

Your PSP should come with a Memory Stick Duo. If it did not, you can buy one. Depending on how many videos you want to store on your PSP, you can find them from 32MB up to 2GB.

How can I speed up the conversion?

There are several ways to speed up the conversion: you can set smaller Dimension, define lower Bit rate, and Frame rate by the custom mode.   Though no matter what the settings are, the conversion is always time-consuming. Dicsoft PSP Video Converter can do it faster than most other software under the same settings.