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Frequently Asked Questions

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What video formats does the Zune support natively?

  • 4GB/8GB Support: WMV, MP4, and H.264
  • 30GB Support: WMV
  • 80GB Support: WMV, MP4, and H.264

Does the Zune support Divx codec?

Nope, just WMV.

Is the Zune capable of playing Windows Media Center recorded content?

Not at the moment, no, unless you re-encode those shows into WMV.

Does the Zune work with anyone else's "DRM'd" music or just microsoft? If no, will there be any way to make other paid-for music (like from napster) work?

No, it doesn't work with any other DRMed music shops. You could strip the DRM off of DRMed songs, then import those into Zune, but that's a grey area. And kind of a hassle.